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Desert Pickle Details

Desert Green Berry Pickle

Desert green berry pickle is made from organic green berries produced at Sangam Organic Farm, Jodhpur. This pickle is not only delicious but also has health benefits. Green Berry is traditionally used as anti-inflammatory, laxative, anti-diabetic and antibacterial.


  • Contains various phytoconstitutes including spermidine alkaloids, glucosinolates and other glycosides

  • Helps in controlling diabetes

  • Works as anti-inflammatory

  • Is anti-bacterial and laxative

Desert Glue Berry Pickle

This Rajasthan origin pickle tastes great and also used in various medical remedies. According to the book, “Indian Herbal Remedies Cordia fruits are used as a coolant and astringent, to be used for biliousness, cough and internal hemorrhage. We use immature seeds to pickle, which also has tremendous medical properties.


  • Used as coolant and astringent

  • Reduces cold, and cough problems

  • Helps in internal hemorrhage