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  • Organic Milk also called A2 milk is boiled to make curd which is further turned into curd and curd is churned to obtain White butter which is boiled at low temp until it is converted into ghee.

Sanjeevani Ghrit Details

At Sangam organic farm Kamdhenu Cows (Tharparkar) Also Called Desi Cows are preserved with special care to keep them healthy, safe and hygienic. These Cows are fed on fresh green

grass grown using best organic method exclusively at Sangam Organic Farm , located at village Manaklao, Jodhpur Rajasthan.

Procedure and Milk Used to Make Sanjeevani Ghee

Traditional Method of Churning Curd ( centrifugal method ) is used to make Sanjeevani Ghrit


Milk used is of Kamdhenu cows –Tharparkar / Gir cows exclusively from Sangam Organic Farm Milk is boiled using steam boiler; after whichit is allowed to cool down naturally;

Suf?cient Amount of fresh Natural yogurt from previous batch is added to this milk when it is in the Luke warm state and allowed to sour for 8-10 hours, which forms the Curd; Curd then is churned by churning machine (also calledmathni in Hindi) rolling it back and forth which separatesthe Butter (Makhan) and buttermilk from curd. This method is also called Bilona / Vilona in hindi.Butter/Makhan is heated in the stainless steel panto further obtain the Ghee. This entire process is done bythe expert villagers under healthy and hygienic environment.



  • Made using A2 milk

  • Contains Amino acid, Omega 3 acids

  • Combats disease and disorders such as obesity, joint pain, asthma and more

  • Reduces cholesterol level

  • Has Cerebrosides that increases brain power

  • Boost immunity